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By the Grace of Lord ,I am sharing with you my knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology through this blog. Hindu Vedic Astrology has been followed in India from ancient times. Rishi Munis of India were able to predict the future accurately with the help of Astrology.Today Hindu Vedic Astrology is widely accepted in the world but as some Astrologers do not have accurate knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology their predictions about a person goes incorrect & therefore people have lost their trust from this ancient science of prediction. Since Hindu Vedic Astrology is heritage of India , we should try to understand at least the basic concepts of astrology. This will protect us from fake astrologers .The remedial measures suggested in my blog are as per Lal Kitab ,Vedic Astrology , Numerology & Rudraksh Therapy .


Each person has a Gana according to his or her horoscope . There are 3 Ganas

1) Dev Gana ( Devine )

2) Manushya Gana ( Human )

3) Rakshas Gana ( Demonic )

Gana represents the temperament of the person & it is very important during matching of girl's horoscope with boy's horoscope for marriage purpose . In Kalaprakasika Gana compatibility is must for Kshatriyas . It is considered good if both the girl & boy are of Dev Gan or Manushya Gan or one is Dev & orther is Manushya Gan . Manushya or a Dev boy should not marry a Rakshas girl unless there are other neutralizing factors . However marriage between a Rakshas boy & a Dev or Manushya girl is possible . If marriage is brought about between prohibited Ganas there will be quarrels & disharmony .

Cancellation of Gana Dosh :
1) If the bride's star ( birth Nakshtra ) counted from that of the boy is above 13 , the evil effect will be warded off & their horoscopes can be matched .

2) If the Janam Rashis of the couple isthe same or if the lords of the Janam Rashis either happen to be friends then the horoscopes can be matched .

According to Hindu Vedic Astrology maximum 6 points (6 Guns) are given to Gana.


BOY -------GIRL------- POINTS

1) Dev--------Dev------------- 6

2) Dev-------Manushya------ -6

3) Dev------- Rakshas-------- 0

4) Manushya--- Dev---------- 5

5) Nanushya--- Manushya---- 6

6) Manushya--- Rakshas----- 0

7) Rakshas------ Dev--------- 1

8) Rakshas------ Manushya-- 0

9) Rakshas------ Rakshas---- 6

Gana of a person is determined from his or her birth Nakshtra . There are 27 Nakshtras & below I will give details on Nakshtra & Gana


Person who are borh in Ashwini or Mrigshira or Punarvasu or Pushya or Hasta or Swati or Anuradha or Sravan or Revathi Nakshtra are said to be Dev Gana .


Person who are borh in Bharni or Rohini or Ardhra or Poorvaphalguni or Utraphalguni or Purvashada or Uttraashada or Poorvbhadrapada or Uttrabhadrapada are said to be Manushya Gana .


Person who are borh in Krithika or Ashlesha or Magha or Chitra or Vishakha or Jyeshta or Mool or Dhanishta or Satabisha are said to e Rarkshas Gan .

SAMPLE HOROSCOPES FOR GAN DOSH CANCELLATION :Respected readers you can check the below analysis however always consult astrologer if there is GAN OR NADI Dosh while matching horoscope . As in many cases Gan
& Nadi dosh is canceled however still we suggest if the two should proceed with marriage or not ....it depends upon Rahu , Ketu , & placement of other planets .

1) Mr. Navin & Poonam
2) Mr. Karan & Sakshi

3) Mr. Sandeep & Swetha