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By the Grace of Lord ,I am sharing with you my knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology through this blog. Hindu Vedic Astrology has been followed in India from ancient times. Rishi Munis of India were able to predict the future accurately with the help of Astrology.Today Hindu Vedic Astrology is widely accepted in the world but as some Astrologers do not have accurate knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology their predictions about a person goes incorrect & therefore people have lost their trust from this ancient science of prediction. Since Hindu Vedic Astrology is heritage of India , we should try to understand at least the basic concepts of astrology. This will protect us from fake astrologers .The remedial measures suggested in my blog are as per Lal Kitab ,Vedic Astrology , Numerology & Rudraksh Therapy .


1) SUN
The Sun God has two arms, he is seated on the pedestal of lotus; both of his hands are embellished with lotus flowers. There is a beautiful golden crown, on his head and a garland of gems around his neck. His radiance is just like the interior part of a lotus flower and he is mounted on the chariot pulled by seven horses.The seven colors that emanate from the Sun are the VIBGYOR, which are symbolically described as the seven horses of his chariot.

There is only one wheel in his chariot which is called ‘Samvatsar’. The wheel of his chariot has 12 spokes, which symbolize the twelve months. The wheel has six circumferences, which symbolize the six seasons, and three ‘Naves’ which is symbolize of the three four-months.

Metal :GOLD


Colour :RED

Transition Time :30 DAYS

Exalted in Sign : ARIES UP TO 10 DEGREES

Mooltrikon : LEO UP TO 20 DEGREES

Debilitation Sign : LIBRA

Mahadasha lasts for : 6 YEARS

Presiding Deity is : LORD SHIVA

Element : FIRE


The Moon God is of fair complexion. He is attired in white apparels. The color of his chariot is white and so are the colors of horses pulling it. He is seated on the pedestal of lotus placed in a beautiful chariot pulled by seven horses. He possesses a golden crown on his head and a garland of pearls on his neck. He has a mace in one hand and the other one is raised in the posture of showering blessings.

According to the ‘ Srimad Bhagawat ' Moon-God is the son of Maharishi Atri and Anasuya . Lord Krishna was the descendant of moon God. He was married to the twenty-seven constellations i.e. ‘Ashwini', ‘Bharani', ‘Krittika', ‘Rohini' etc. These constellations were the daughters of ‘Daksha'. (Harivanshpuran).

The vehicle of Moon God is chariot. There are three wheels in his chariot. His chariot is pulled by ten powerful horses. All the horses are divine, incomparable and are quick as the mind. The eyes and ears of the horses are white. According to the ‘Matasyapurana' the horses are as white as a conch.

Mercury is the son of Moon god who took birth from ‘ Tara '.The story goes on to say that Tara, wife of Brihaspathi, was attracted towards moon, who came to Brihaspathi in academic pursuit. Budha is the son of Tara and Moon. However, Rohini, wife of Chandra brings up Budha. Some Purans have different story about the birth of Mercury .

The presiding deity of Moon-God is goddess Uma . Moon-god is the lord of the zodiac sign Cancer and his ‘great-phase' ( Mahadasha ) last for 10 years . He is also considered to be the lord of the constellations. He holds the second position among all the nine planets.



Colour :WHITE

Transition Time :2&1/2 DAYS

Exalted in Sign : TAURUS UP TO 3 DEGREES

Mooltrikon : CANCER

Debilitation Sign : SCORPIO

Mahadasha last for : 10 YEARS

Presiding Deity is : GODDESS UMA

Element : WATER


3) MARS :
MANGAL or KUJA was born in the month of Aashaada on Tuesday . His birth star is Anuradha and was born on the Dasami of shukala pakshmi.He was born into a Bharadwaaja gotra, the four armed Kuja, who is also known as Mangala, is red in color. Gold coronet on the head, red garlands and red dress mark him out to be a Mars god. Goat is his vehicle. He adorns Trishoola, Varamudra, Abhaya mudra and mace in all his four arms.

The Brahma Vaivarta Puraana traces the origin of Kuja as follows:

The time dates back to the post cosmic incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a boar. The story goes to say that Bhoodevi falls in love with Lord Vishnu and approaches him. The lord favours her and she leaves a coral in the ocean as a token of their togetherness. Kuja is said to have born out of that coral. Etymologically, ‘KU’ means earth and ‘JA’ refers to birth. Hence he is referred to as the son of the earth or in other words Bhauma.

Padma Puraana gives a slightly different version of Kuja’s origin. Once a bead of perspiration from Lord Vishnu’s brow falls on the earth and from that energy a red colored person, who is also known as Lohitaanga takes birth. He wins over Lord Brahma with his rigorous penance and secures a position in the planets. He is none other than Kuja.

Shiva Puraana tracks down his origin to Lord Shiva. Sati Devi, daughter of Dakshaprajaapathi, immolates herself in the Yogic fire, as a sequel to her separation from the lord. Lord Shiva too is stricken with agony and in that pain-filled state; a drop of sweat from his body falls on earth. Again a crimson colored person emerges out of the drop of sweat and Bhoodevi tends him. Hence Kuja is looked upon as the son of Lord Shiva or Kumaara Swami. It is in this context that Kumaara Swami is ceremoniously worshiped on Tuesdays. What ever may be the origin of Mangal Grah , he is considered as Son of Earth .

The great phase of Mars lasts for seven years. Mars is the lord of two zodiacs, i.e., Aries and Scorpio. Lord Kartikeya is considered to be the deity of the Mars.He is the Bhatrukaraka or planet connected with brother.



Color :RED

Transition Time :45 DAYS

Exalted in Sign : CAPRICORN UP TO 28 DEGREES

Mooltrikon : ARIES UP TO 12 DEGREES

Debilitation Sign : CANCER

Mahadasha last for : 7 YEARS

Presiding Deity is : KARTIKYAE ( SON OF SHIV & PARVATI )

Element : FIRE


4) MERCURY : Mercury is attired in yellow apparels and wears a garland of yellow flowers. The radiance and glow of his body is like that of an oleander flower. He has a sword, a shield a mace in each of his three hands respectively and his fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving blessings. He has a golden crown on his head and a beautiful garland in his neck. His vehicle is a lion.

According to the ‘ Atharavaveda ' Mercury's father is the Moon and his mother is Tara . He was given the name mercury by lord Brahma because of his intelligence. According to Shrimad Bhagawat he is proficient in all the scriptures and is as radiant as the moon.

According to the Shrimadbhagawat (5/22-13) mercury is situated about 2,00,000 yojans (2400 000 km above Venus). Mercury is considered to be an auspicious planet but if by chance it transgresses, chance of natural calamities like draught storm and floods occur.

The governing deity of the planet mercury is Lord Vishnu . Mercury is the lord of the zodiac Gemini, and Virgo. For the pacification of this planet fasts should be observed on every Amavasya (moonless night) and emerald should be worn on the body. Donations of ivory, green-clothes, Coral , Emerald, gold camphor, weapon, fruit and ghee to the Brahmins also satisfies the mercury.



Color :GREEN

Transition Time :30 DAYS

Exalted in Sign : VIRGO UP TO 15 DEGREES

Mooltrikon : IN VIRGO FROM 15 TO 20 DEGREES

Debilitation Sign : PISCES

Mahadasha lasts for : 17 YEARS

Presiding Deity is : LORD VISHNU

Element : EARTH

Other names : BODHAN , INDRAPUTRA , SOMAJ etc

In the solar system, Guru, Brihaspathi or Jupiter occupies the second largest position after the Sun.According to Shivapurana he was born to Angirasa and Suroopa. His brothers are Utathya and Samvartana. He is adorned with a golden crown on his head and a beautiful garland in his neck. He is attired in yellow apparels and is seated on the pedestal of lotus flower. He has four hands and holds a stick (dand), Rudraksha garland, receptacle in each of his three hands and his fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving boons and blessings.

Jupiter has three wives - Shubha , Tara & Mamta . Seven daughters were born to Shubha – Bhanumati, Raka, Archismati, Mahishrvati, Siniwali and Havishmati.Seven sons and a daughter were born to Tara .Mamta gave birth to ‘Bhardwaja' and ‘Kacha'. The presiding deity of Jupiter is ‘ Bhrama '.

He is the Putrakaraka or planet connected with children.

Metal :GOLD



Transition Time :1 YEAR

Exalted in Sign : CANCER UP TO 5 DEGREES


Debilitation Sign : CAPRICORN

Mahadasha lasts for : 16 YEARS

Presiding deity is : BRAHMA

Element : SKY


Shukracharya or Venus was born to Bhrigu Maharshi and Ushana, also known as Usha.The fair-colored Sukra adorns a crown and positions himself on a white lotus. The four-handed Sukra holds baton, rosary, a vessel and a gesture of assurance.Venus married Priyavratha's daughter Urjaswathi and gave birth to four sons –Chanda, Amarka, Twaashtra, Dharaatra and a daughter by name Devayaani.

Venus is the priest of the demons.According to the Mahabharat (AdiParva (78/39) Shukracharya was not only the lord of wealth but he is also the master of the medicinal herbs, the mantras and all kinds of taste.By the inspiration of lord Brahma he became a planet and started to protect the lives of all the living beings of all the three worlds.His presiding deity is ‘ Indra '.

Metal : SILVER


Colour : WHITE

Transition Time :30 DAYS

Exalted in Sign : PISCES UP TO 27 DEGREES

Mooltrikon : LIBRA UP TO 15 DEGREES

Debilitation Sign : VIRGO

Mahadasha lasts for : 20 YEARS

Presiding deity is : INDRA

Element : WATER

Other names : BHARGAV , BHRAGU , DEVPUJYA , KAAM etc.

Saturn also known as Shaneeshwara, Shanaischara, Manda, Konastha, Pingala and Souri has blue complexion . He has a golden crown on his head and wears a garland and blue colored apparels. He is seated on the back of the vulture. He possesses a bow, an arrow and a trident in each of his three hands respectively and his fourth hand is raised in the posture of giving boons and blessings.

According to Hindu mythology Shani (Saturn) is son of Sun & Chaaya . It is believed that Shani & Sun (Surya Devta) are bitter enemies although they are close relatives. Therefore Shani mantra jaap is done when Sun sets .Yamraj (the lord of death), Dharamraj & Yamuna River are brothers & sister of Shani Maharaj. The 4 Ashwin Kumars (Sons of Surya & Usha) are step brothers of Shani Maharaj.Shani (Saturn) was a great devotee of lord Krishna right from his childhood.

Shani is considered as the lord of Justice. Lord Shiva has assigned Shani Maharaj the duty to do justice with each & every individual. Therefore during Shani ki Sadae Saati ( 7.5 years dasha ) & Shani ki Mahadasha ( 19 years dasha ) each individual is rewarded or punished according to his past actions by Shani Maharaj .In every individual’s life there is at least one Shani ki Sadae Saati & one Shani ki Mahadasha . During these dashas the individual must sincerely worship Shani Maharaj at any cost. Even regular worship of Shani Maharaj helps the person to remain healthy & wealthy.The presiding deity of Shani is Lord Brahma. The Pratyadhi deity is Yama.

Metal :IRON


Colour :BLUE

Transition Time :2&1/2 YEARS

Exalted in Sign : LIBRA UP TO 20 DEGREES


Debilitation Sign : ARIES

Mahadasha lasts for : 19

Presiding Deity is : BRAHMA

Element : AIR ( VAYU )

Other names : MAND , SURYAPUTRA , ASITH etc .




Colour :BLACK

Transition Time :1& ½ YEARS

Mahadasha lasts for : 18 YEARS

Other names : TAM , ASUR , BHUJANG , KAPILASH , SARP etc.

9) KETU -


Colour :BROWN

Transition Time :1& ½ YEARS

Mahadasha lasts for : 7 YEARS

Other names : DHAWAJ , DHOOM , MRATYUPUTRA , ANIL etc .

*******TRANSITION TIME refers to Time taken by the planet to travel from One sign to another sign

*******EXALTATION SIGN refers to Sign in which the planet is considered as Ucch ka ( very very strong & auspicious ) .

******* MOOLTRIKON refers is the planet's own sign . However if the planet is in specific degrees in his own sign it is considered as Mooltrikaun . The planet is considered as very strong .

refers to Sign in which the planet is considered as Neech ka ( very very weak & inauspicious )

*******MAHADASHA :
In Vedic astrology, cycles of time are broken down into planetary periods called Mahadasha. The length of time varies according to each of the planets. The life of an individual is taken to be 120 years and this entire life span is divided into different main periods ('Mahadasha') of planets. The location of the Moon at the time of birth is taken into account when calculating the first Mahadasha. The first dasha is determined by the constellation that the Moon is occupant at the time of birth. For example, if the Moon is in the constellation Chitra, the order of the Mahadashas are Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, the Sun, and the Moon.