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By the Grace of Lord ,I am sharing with you my knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology through this blog. Hindu Vedic Astrology has been followed in India from ancient times. Rishi Munis of India were able to predict the future accurately with the help of Astrology.Today Hindu Vedic Astrology is widely accepted in the world but as some Astrologers do not have accurate knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology their predictions about a person goes incorrect & therefore people have lost their trust from this ancient science of prediction. Since Hindu Vedic Astrology is heritage of India , we should try to understand at least the basic concepts of astrology. This will protect us from fake astrologers .The remedial measures suggested in my blog are as per Lal Kitab ,Vedic Astrology , Numerology & Rudraksh Therapy .



Aquarius  ( Kumbh )

Taurus  ( Vrashab )
Basic foundation of  Taurus ascendant , you are inclined towards making money & focus on financial security  . You are practical . You will take the financial decisions and responsibility of the family . You will be the decision maker of your family and children . However your children will have a feeling that you are neglecting them although you are trying best to give them financial security .You are destined to have a emotional , romatic and sensitive spouse .Your long distance travel will be mainly related to business .Your focus is maintaining yourself means dressing good , looking good . You have an eye on beauty .You like to compliment others for their good things & in return you too expect similar reciprocation .You must be loving small pets .

 Dhanishta  (PADH-3)  MARS  IS NAKSHTRA LORD . East  is the direction of Nakshtra . Profession’s related to Dhanishta  Nakshtra are Musician , Poets , Doctors , Surgeons , Real  Estate , Property , Engineering , Mining , Reseach work . ( Pls note it is as per the Nakshtra )

4)      VARAN :

5)      YONI :
      (FEMALE  LION  )

6)       GAN :

7)       NADI :

As Sun  has the highest degrees in your chart , pls check the Niryan chart above .You main goal of life is finding fame , power & success with ego .

As Rahu  has the second  highest degrees in your chart , pls check the Niryan chart above . Your choice of career will depend upon Rahu  and position of Rahu  in the charts .  Your Rahu   is in 4th  house in Leo  sign ( 5) along with Saturn ,Jupiter  and Mars .Indicating entertainment /amusement  industry , art  , music , acting  & field that involve creativity & computer . You may also be able to earn from Real estate business . I guess your earnings will come from more than 1 source .  As 4 planets are together in 1 house your mind is not stable it will get stability only if you move outside India .
As the dhan yoga in lagan chart is  formed in 4th  house because of 9th house – house of fortune whose  lord is ( Saturn ) and 11th house which house of incoming gains whose lord  is ( Jupiter ) are together in 4th house in Leo sign along with Rahu & Mars . I have a feeling  some building construction or architecture line will help you in making money . It could even related to furniture / wood / Timber & or Cement also .
In the Dashmasa chart which is related to career again 3 planets are there in 7th house viz Rahu , Sun & Mars in 7th house in Leo sign indicating foreign contacts & foreign business .During the Maha Dasha & Antardasha  of  Saturn  you will find these things very prominent in your life . 

Venus & Sun are your Vargootam planet as Venus  is in Taurus & Sun in Pisces sign in both Lagan chart – D1 and also in Navmasa chart – D9 chart . Your Venus  in 1st house in Lagan chart indicating that you want to look best in front of people & whatever you do . Apart from this you want companionship . Since Venus is Vargottam planet and also the most favorable planet for your chart being lord of Taurus sign your career and fame also involves art , music , glamour fields .


The planet Mars and you are governed by Martian characteristics .You are dominating, energetic, active, hot-tempered and enthusiastic and a fighter. You have a capacity to organize an industry or business. You are an independent worker and can do your job when left to yourself. You do not like any interference in your work but if subjected to interference, you will step out and let the other fellow take place. If you keep your head cool, you can reach any heights and achieve great success in life, but your arrogance and obstinacy are factors, which often create enemies and thus spoil your career. You are endowed with a strong will power and determination, and you always have new and original schemes. However you are hasty in decision and action. Sometimes you go to extremes and create enemies due to your frank and out-spoken nature. You are usually well off in life and amass good money. You are gifted with intuition and can know what is likely to happen in the future. You are a warrior and will fight all obstacles experiencing many dangers and changes in life.


Many numerologists call this a master number, which makes you with  high aspirations and determination. Public professions like communication or media which bring you in contact with people are suitable for you. You are more suited to being an advisor or working in creative or inspirational fields, rather than in business. If you curb your restless nature and focus , you will be successful in your aims. Tragedies may occur in your life but these shall only precipitate spiritual understanding. You should guard against secret enemies. Professions you will be successful in are dancing, teaching, media, music and art.


As you are born on 11th your Mind No is 2 . The Lord of this number is the Moon. Sun and  Moon are friendly stars hence no 2 is an auspicious number for persons whose ruling number is 1 ie  there is natural affinity and friendship between both the numbers, Moon is attractive, cool and peaceful therefore you have sharp imaginative faculty,  peace lover , cool headed  and lover of art &  beauty. Though your  physical strength is not too much, yet in intellectual field you surpass others. Moon is a restive , fast moving planet & represents mind, . No doubt you initiate any work with great zeal and enthusiasm but cannot push forward your  drive of zeal and enthusiasm uphill the concluding stage rather you  abandon you  work midway and proceed to take up another work. You have a special quality to mesmerize others. You have the art of making friends even in unknown area but your friendships does not last permanently. Your  life partner is attractive (beautiful), virtuous and belong to a rich family.

 Persons who have dominant Moon elements, are effeminate and their character is imbibed by elements of womanhood. Men will be fortunate in respect of having good wives. They will easily impress women and they will win over them and earn their confidence and faith. So  in this regard men far exceed in this virtuous quality. These men are considered past masters and experts in eliciting even secretive facts from women  and they also know fully well the art of getting their work done through women.

Your fortune can rise if you stay in the cities which are situated near or on the banks of rivers, shores of seas. You can earn profits through your journeys in case you are lucky to seize the opportunities, which entail travelling. You should initiate any significant work on 2,11,20,29 dates. Further, if you  initiate any new work between June 19 and July 23 and also when the starting date corresponds to No 2, there are better chances of success .

You should not get nervous quickly on petty matters. You should weight all aspects of a new work and start it only when you have looked into all the pros and cons but once you  initiate a new work you should not abandon the same midway—such an approach will help you to blossom your  personality. Keep with you a white handkerchief which will prove beneficial for you in all aspects.

Favourable Time as per Hindu Numerology :
 The Sun remains posited in Cancer zodiac sign from 16 July to 16 August and Cancer is Moon’s own zodiac sign. From 13 May to 13 June the Sun remains posited in Taurus zodiac sign which is an exalted sign of the Moon. Hence this period is the most suitable for persons, whose ruling number is 2, to start any important or new work.

Vastu and Residence as per Hindu Numerology :
 North-West direction  or West corner is the most ideal, auspicious and gainful position for your house. If you are living in an area which is located in the north-west corner it will be still better and favourable for you. The total number o digits of your house also sums up to 2,7 or 9 such a house will bring prosperity, happiness and ease to all the dwellers in that house.

Vehicle, Journey and Hotel
 If the registration of your vehicle is in conformity with your ruling number or its friendly number, then such a vehicle will be auspicious for you. As your ruling number is 2, so numbers 2, 7 and 9 will be auspicious for you. If you stay in a hotel, and its number is 2, 7, 9 etc. then such a room will prove lucky and better for you.


06  ( 11-04-1980) IS YOUR COMPLETE DATE OF BIRTH ) ruled by VENUS  as per Hindu Numerology  . You are inclined to live a purposeful life and have all the right values. Occult  sciences, tantra and witchcraft attract you. You must guard against chills and throat infections and should lead a more vigorous outdoor life. Professions which are suitable for you are interior decoration, the arts, restaurants, real estate, medicine, music and teaching.


As Mars is in 4th house in Lagan chart Managal dosh is considered . However the Dosh gets cancelled as Mars is in Leo sign which is owned by Sun . Also Venus is in ascendant therefore Mangal Dosh gets cancelled .Another reason Mars is in Magha Nakshtra therefore again Mangal Dosh gets cancelled .


CURRENTLY JUPITER   MAHA DASHA IS OPERATING ( It started from  27TH  JAN  2001    & will end on  27TH  JAN   2017.


CURRENTLY  RAHU   ANTAR DASHA IS OPERATING  WITHIN JUPITER   MAHA DASHA ( It started from 3RD  MAY  2014   & will end on  27TH  JAN 2017 .
JUPITER   is lord of  your 8TH  & 11TH  houses in  your lagan Chart & is in posted in LEO   Sign  in 4TH  house in MAGHA ( KETU is Lord of Magha   Nakshtra ) . Jupiter is a naturally benefic planet but as per your chart Jupiter  is a  functional malefic planet for you because of  lordship  of 8th  and 11 th houses . Apart from this Rahu  is also malefic in nature for you .Although being malefic in nature for your kundali during the Maha dasha of Jupiter  you will get results of Jupiter as per his 4th house placement , being posted in Leo sign , annual transit of Jupiter in space . As your Jupiter is in conjunction with Rahu and 2 more natural malefic viz Saturn and Mars …the natural benefic results of Jupiter Maha dasha will be less or in neutral form . This is because Jupiter is naturally good planet but because he is in association with 3 natural malefic planets , his whole energy goes in controlling the negativity of these 3 malefic planets & therefore during the dasha the native cannot get much of the good results of Jupiter .

As your Jupiter is in 4th house during the Dasha you have acquired some real estate , gained spiritual knowledge or get interested in occult sciences and you will have the opportunities to expand your social circle ( business network ) and travel abroad . As Jupiter is in Leo sign it also indicates that there is an expansion at the creative level too …means your mind’s creative side has got a boost .At the same time you wish for regal stats means you want people to appreciate you and recognize you for your creative talents . You are egoistic and have issues with people in authority as you feel you are the best …

Apart from this your Mercury is also active  during the Maha dasha of Jupiter as it is in Nakshtra – Purva Bhadra owned by Jupiter . So during Maha Dasha of Jupiter Mercury is also active . In your Lagan chart , Mercury is in Pisces sign in 11th house from here is it looking straight at 5th house . 5th house is house of stock market , acting , music and all fields that involves creativity . This indicates that you will or have good time with friends and network people & opportunity for having business which involves social networking and media . However as your Mercury is debilitated ( weak ) due to being in Pisces ( 12th ) sign in Lagan chart , similarly Mercury is weak in Navmasa chart also as again Mercury is in Cancer sign ( 4th ) and in Dasmasa chart again Mercury is in Scorpio sign in all 3 charts Mercury in signs which are watery in nature . As per Vedic rule Mercury is uncomfortable in watery signs . Therefore your decisions are governed by emotions or in other words you will take or might take wrong decisions because of emotional reasons . So you are advised to consult with a mentor or trust worthy person before making any final decision Regarding Rahu Antardasha …you will travel to foreign lands .


As Saturn is the Yogkarak planet and also after Jupiter Maha dasha , Saturn Maha Dasha will begin West Direction will be suitable from you . So place which is West from your birth place / country will suit you .


 Rahu entered Virgo/ kanya on 13th July 2014 & will be staying there for 1-1/2 years till 8th Jan 2016.

During this period Rahu will move through your 8th house from the Moon . This mostly denotes physical ailments for you .This is the time when you must give top priority to you health . This period make you suffer from the diseases of the reproductive organs , small pox & various sexually transmitted diseases . Do not any health related complications for granted as it might prove to be life risking for you . You may also suffer from mental anxiety and unnecessary fear from every thing  . You have to face humiliation & defamation during thing particular phase . Utmost care should be taken for the success of all your endeavours as your enemies and ill wishers may conspire against you . Secure your landed property & Jewellery as you are like to lose some during this phase . Be calculative enough to avoid losses in your business , trade or profession .


Jupiter entered Cancer / Karka on19th June 2014 & will be there till 14th July 2015.

During this period Jupiter will move through your 6th house from the Moon .This is an extremely careful at work as your superiors & co workers will not be favourable . Theft , fire & loss of property at your work place is likely . Postpone all new ventures as it is a wrong time to start anything new . It is not the time to look for any advancement but to hang on to what you have . Health needs extra attention during this one year .transit . Tension& restlessness will plague you . Do not neglect any health issue and go for immediate treatment . Avoid travel as much as possible . Take extra care of your belongings , cash & your health if forced to travel. . 


Saturn entered Libra/Tula on 15th November 2011 &amp will be there till 2nd November 2014 .

 This transit will cause hard work with frustration & distress at your work place . A transfer to a far off place is likely . Your competitors & enemies are likely to have the upper hand & you need to watch your back . Your bosses will not be favourable , appreciation & rewards will be hard to come by .Control your purse carefully as you are likely to indulge in wasteful expenditure during this transit .Income will not be sufficient and attempts to earn extra money will encounter a lot of obstacles . Avoid all kinds of underhand dealing and litigations or you may have to face legal actions . Travel is there but will not be fruitful or happy . Watch your health & purse during travel .


As your moon sign is Aquarius . your element is Air . You literally  forget eat . Reminding yourself to eat regularly is important . Focus on smaller meals frequently as you do not do well with heavy meals .


Wear Emerald ( Panna ) as Mercury is Lord of your 5th house and your Mercury is weak being in Pisces ( 12th sign ) in your Lagan chart . Ruby , Diamond and Blue Sapphire will also suit you but you should only wear Emerald .

Buy an Emerald on Wednesday during the Shukal Paksh ( ascending Moon cycle ) . If not Wednesday them on Friday . Better if Mercury is in Gemini or Virgo in space during your purchase . It will be very auspicious if the day of purchase has Ashlesha , Jyestha , Revati Nakshtras . The ring should be set in Gold and the stone mounted in open backed ring such tat it can touch the finger that you wear on . Weight of Emerald should not be less than 1.5 Rattis . 1 Ratti is 0.9 carats . Wear Emerald as per your body weight . Wear the ring following the same rules as that while purchasing . Wear the ring 2 hours after Sunrise . Sit facing East , North or North East direction .Sit on a Green Colour aasan . Keep the ring immersed in raw cow's milk then wash with Ganga jal . After washing wipe it and keep on Green cloth on which Mercury Yanta has been drawn with Sandalwood paste or Saffron paste . Offer flowers , incense to the Yantra and the Emerald ring and the chant the following mantra 108 times "Aum Bum Budhaye Namah  or "Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaya" . K Wear the ring in right hand's little finger .

Numerical Yantra for Mercury:


Your birth bird is Vulture therefore you will have a childish behaviour . The innocence will reflect in your behaviour  & sometimes you will also behave stubborn like a child . You will be naughty and have good sense of humour and love to play pranks as well .Your unsteady behaviour will be one of the reasons that you will not be serious towards life . You like to travel a lot specially to some hill stations and like sweets as well . You will be romantic in nature and get attracted to the people of opposite gender . The good things about yourself is that you are serious about the relationships you share with your parents and family members .You learn things easily with interest which you like .You have good creative skills & will be inclined towards Music and you have good knowledge in this field . Therefore if you try your luck  in this filed you will reap success in life . Your idol for worship as per Panch pakshi astrology is Lord Shiva .If you regularly worship lord Shiva your problems will get sorted faster 

19)  MARRIAGE  :
As Scorpio is the sign of 7th house of your Lagan chart  & Cancer is the sign of 7th house in Navmasa chart . Your spouse will be very emotional & caring , A strong possibility she might be a nurse or have done some course in nursing or some child development diploma course  , She can be teacher teaching in creative fields like tailoring /stitching /cooking . She will be a good writer . Will have interest in astrology and other relevant sciences .
Marriage should happen till July 2015 …



Do Satya Narayan Vrat & Katha on every Puran Mashi without fail. Distribute the prasadam among the family members & Brahmins. Give  dakshna to the Brahmins. In Kalyug Satya Narayan Katha is sarv uttam.


 Chant the mantra at least 108 times daily after bath in the puja ghar . Presence of Katyani Yantra will bring desired results faster.

Katyayani Mantra

Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadheeshwari Nandgopsutam Devipatim Me Kuru te Namah 


The following mantras are also considered very good for planet Venus. You may opt to recite one of the following mantra if you find it comparatively easy to remember.

"Om draam dreem draum sah shukraya namah"

"Om shum shukraaye namah"
The mantras are chanted on japa beads of 108 beads per string. They are similar to rosaries.The Venus's mantra may be recited 16,000 times and puja performed with while sandal wood and white flowers. Begin recitation on a Friday during the bright half of the Moon. After 16000 jaap do not forget to do dasham ansh ie chant 1600 more times the same jaap .

Presence of 'Sri yantra' and/or 'Laxmi yantra' at the place of recitation may help you in achieving the desired results faster. After completion of the Jaap pls donate white  color fruits , vegetables , pulses , cloth to the Brahmin . Also give dakshan as per your shraddha to the Brahmin.


1)      Keep the body clean with Milk & Curd this will be auspicious in the attainment of children.
2) Fast on every Friday & have sweet food in dinner.
3) Feed some food to cows.
4) Give little food  from your food to crow & dog.
 5) Wear white clean clothes on Friday .
 6) Worship Goddess Lakshmi
7) Wear siddh Venus Yantra


1)      Wear 8 mukhi Rudraksh .
2)      Donate Urad Daal , Black Til ,Blue clothes , Woolen Black Blanket to sweeper or Lower Caste person . Give at least for once but if pocket permits than can every year .
3)      Chant Maha Martyunjay Jaap daily atleast 1 mala daily . Can continue for lifetime but do for 1.25 lakhs times is mandatory . ( Calculate accordingly as 1 mala daily )
4)      Chant the below mentioned mantra for 18000 +1800 times . Start the Jaap of the mantra on a Saturday in Shukal Paksh & complete the jaap till next Saturday . Begin the jaap 2 hours after  Sunset & before midnight . Do the jaap on fixed time daily wearing black clothes . Presence of Ganesh & Rahu Idol ( photo can do) is necessary .Offer blue or purple flowers ( Raat Rani or Mogra will also do) . Offer Kaal black dried Grapes (Kaali Kishmish) , Almonds , Black Roasted Gram. Lit Mustard oil diya or Agarbatti . Face South – West Direction while chanting the mantra & sit on black cloth. After completing the jaap perform havan on last day . Use Gular ( name of tree) wood for hawan . Give ahauti 108 times , with ever ahuti chant Rahu Mantra .

                                                         " Om Raang Rahuvae Namah " 

Wear  Rudraksh  2 -3 and 5 Mukhi Rudraksh .2 Mukhi owned by Moon , 3 by Mars and 5 Mukhi by Jupiter . This will help you in marriage and also reducing stress .

1)      Worship Lord Krishna . As Saturn worships lord Krishna .
2)      Avoid egg & non veg if you are taking .
3)      Avoid alcohol & alcoholic beverages .
4)      Chant Hanuman Chalisa
5)      Visit Shani Mandir on every Saturday .
6)      Donate black leather  chappal , umbrella , cloth , urad dal ( black gram ) , sarson ka tel , iron vessel to person who takes Shani ka daan .
7)      Chanting of Vedic Mantra of Saturn on every Saturday at least 108 times .

 Om Sham no deveerbhishtay Aapo Bhavantu Peetye. Sham Yorabhi Sravantu Naha. 
For correct pronunciation pls visit this link


1)      Do not be hasty in completing the remedy in order to get instant or fast results. Each planet take his own time in giving you the fruit.

2)      The fruit may not be instant remember that …so be patient .

3)      All remedies are not mandatory …you can do remedies which you can perform . Do not force your self ….do with heart .

4)      Mantra Jaaps should be done properly any mistake in recitation may give adverse result. Follow the procedure of the Jaap.

NOTE : Mantra jaaps should be started in Shukal Paksh ( bright Moon) ..also the charity for the same should be given in Shukal Paksh & not in Krishna Paksh

MOKSH GUPTA provides Astrological Consultation and Reports on the basis of Birth Data provided by the person. Predictions are based on classical texts of Vedic Astrology. I disclaim any responsibility for any decision or its consequences taken by any person or organization.