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By the Grace of Lord ,I am sharing with you my knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology through this blog. Hindu Vedic Astrology has been followed in India from ancient times. Rishi Munis of India were able to predict the future accurately with the help of Astrology.Today Hindu Vedic Astrology is widely accepted in the world but as some Astrologers do not have accurate knowledge of Hindu Vedic Astrology their predictions about a person goes incorrect & therefore people have lost their trust from this ancient science of prediction. Since Hindu Vedic Astrology is heritage of India , we should try to understand at least the basic concepts of astrology. This will protect us from fake astrologers .The remedial measures suggested in my blog are as per Lal Kitab ,Vedic Astrology , Numerology & Rudraksh Therapy .


 After personally interacting with many natives who have Venus in Virgo sign in their Ascendant chart ( Shukar Kanya Rashi mei jatak ki lagan kundali ) I have drawn my conclusion .

- These natives are very insecure abt their spouse / friend or abt any relation where love is involved . This is a major reason due to which many Venus in Virgo type natives end up their relation either in the form of separation or divorce ...

- A common feature to identify a native with such combination is that these natives will call or text you many times if you do not respond to their call ...meaning the Venus Virgo native will call you .if you do not pick call within a short period of an hour you will find multiple missed calls from that person along with text messages , in the text messages you will find content as " MISS YOU " ," LOVE YOU " , " HOPE YOU ARE FINE " still if no response from your side then messages like " I AM ANGRY WITH YOU " , " I HATE YOU " , " I WILL NOT TALK TO YOU " , " GOOD BYE " ETC ..Now this can be very irritating if you are purposely not attending the call and will give you a feeling that the native is very irritating . On the other hand if by chance you genuinely missed the calls as you were busy with some work this will create a doubting and suspicion on you by the Venus in Virgo native . If this is a case with married couple then it can be a complicated situation ..because it is very hard to explain and convince the Venus in Virgo native ...

- I have seen these natives are very suspicious and doubting ..many clients who have come up to me for consultation said their spouse checks their mobile frequently , some said that their partners have secretly uploaded some software in their mobiles to track ...when I opened the charts I found Venus in Virgo in the main Lagan Chart .So in short DOUBT & INSECURITY are 2 major features of Venus in Virgo sign . We can also say that because of the insecure feeling in love ...doubt arises ... - Now the thing which we need to understand that why Venus in Virgo natives are insecure . Here what I feel in this issue as per my own knowledge . Venus is about Love / Passion / Glamour etc . Virgo is a analytical sign ...in Virgo sign Venus lose all it's strength and therefore in astrology it is considered as Neech ka or in debilitation state . When a Venus in Virgo native is in a relation where Love is there and if by some means finds avoidance of some sort from other person the Venus in Virgo native starts VISUALIZING / OR ANALYSING NEGATIVE ASPECTS like spouse is in love with some other person , spouse is spending money on some other person , or your friend / boyfriend is ditching you etc ..though it may not be true but the the combination of Venus in Virgo makes the native feel like that and because of which a insecure / doubt feeling emerges which makes the native to call / text multiple times within a short span . In case of people who do not have such combination in the chart they will call or msg if not answered they will wait and may think that the other person might be busy or might not have checked and lets be patient and wait of some time may be a for day or 2 day ..but unfortunately this is not the case with Venus in Virgo types .

 - I have also realized that these natives also have a feeling that they are being ditched in love because they are not that good by looks ...and their spouse / friend is no more liking them because of their looks / appearance ....so they may go for some kind of face cosmetic surgery too . - One more aspect of this combination is Prostitution .

 - However as per Vedic Shastras this combination can also give best marriage and compatibility only if the native understand the basic features of this combination and try not to get into doubting / Prostitution . However this is some thing difficult ... - Venus in Virgo natives should not ideally marry Venus in Aries native . As Venus in Aries type native are secretive people .